About Beck Cabinet Company

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Where We Came From

In the past, Beck Cabinet Company has been trusted because we can produce results that exceed our clients’ expectations. In our industry, our name and reputation carried us through the difficult times whereas many other commercial casework companies no longer exist. The trust we built with our customer base is what ensured repeat business and our preferred status.

Beck Cabinet Company is much more than cabinets. We produce high quality millwork installations which consist of interior finish carpentry products, custom reception desks, display cases, bars, and much more. As important as the ability to fabricate these products are, our quality is what ensures the products perform and are visually appealing over the lifetime use of these products.

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Our Expertise

Our customers benefit from our wide range of capabilities. When we are able to produce work for renovations, remodels, and new construction, it gives us a competitive edge. We are experts on the custom end of our industry and our refusal for the sub-par is really what gives us preference. Our services include ship-to-site delivery, field installation, repair, and on-site modification. All of these services and products listed above can be included into our bid to provide a complete scope and project package.

Our Process

When working with a contractor or client, expectations are vital and have to be met. We have a dedicated estimating team that has the ability to provide competitive quote numbers that overwhelmingly stay within the project budget.

After our quote is submitted and the project awarded, we have a project management and drafting team that will continue the process forward. Our drafting standards are some of the best in the industry and the level of detail they provide illustrates to our customer what they are getting, which in turn creates confidence in their project and our performance.

As a companion to our drafting team, the project management team is the line of communication between the client and our facility and they actively manage the project to provide accurate scheduled dates of delivery and updates throughout the project.

Our project management team can be reached by telephone or email and we have in-house specialists that can answer any question received.

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Interested in a Career at Beck Cabinet Company?

We offer benefits as uncompromising as our people!