Life As a Beck Cabinet Company Employee

Work days at Beck Cabinet Company typically run Monday through Friday, with weekends off, except for very occasional occurrences due to workload. Our average workday will either be 8 hours or 10 hours, depending upon workload. We are compliant with all break periods required by federal and state laws and will provide lunch to employees several times throughout the year. In our production and custom facilities, standing most of the day is required for most positions. In our office, sitting most of the day is customary, but we have options for standing work as well.

Most production and custom facility positions require the ability to lift at least 50 pounds, with the frequency depending upon the position. Our heaviest lifts are fully-assembled cabinets and sheet goods, with our lightest being the cabinet parts themselves.

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We offer an insurance package that will start after the 90-day probation period. We also offer paid holidays, paid vacation, and advancement opportunities. We value the longevity of our employees and do our best to show appreciation to their ongoing dedication.

We as a company pride ourselves on being flexible with schedules and life events. We understand that most of us have families and children and being flexible with our employees allows them to attend to events and appointments that may otherwise not happen. We are proud to allow employees these opportunities without fear of discipline.

Current Openings

Production Facility

We are currently seeking entry-level applicants to aid our production facility in the manufacture of plastic laminate faceless casework. The salary and position is dependent upon what is needed at the time of application, as well as experience.