Red Lion Hotel Bar / Lobby Remodel

The Challenge

This project provided a unique challenge: the space was being occupied when the work took place. The logistics needed to make sure guests were safe and the hotel maintained a pleasant environment are strenuous. We were restricted to certain work hours and that meant we could only complete so much work in a day.

We also came up against other challenges such as the use of reclaimed wood, which can prove difficult depending on what the client is looking to have done to it. If there are nails or other fasteners in the wood, when we cut it, we could damage the blade and create unsafe conditions. The refinish of the wood, if desired, can also prove difficult.

Another challenge on this project was the requirement to match existing wood columns. Any time a match of a product is desired, it proves difficult. We are unsure what finish was used, the process for the finish, what products were used to make that look happen. Then there are factors such as time, light, and potential element exposure, all which affect the material. Getting a near-perfect match, or perfect match, is always a challenge given those conditions.

The Solution

We addressed the issue with the public by creating barriers to separate the public from our work space. This prevented debris, dust, and other jobsite hazards from coming in contact with the public. We also adjusted our schedules to time frames where public interaction would be minimal. We didn’t want to disturb the guests or the flow of the hotel anymore than absolutely necessary.

In addressing issues with reclaimed wood, we were able to lay out the material on the floor and arrange them to create a colorful pattern with enough distinction between reclaimed and new, where it flowed well. We didn’t want the reclaimed wood to be bunched up, which would create an odd look. We were able to create a flow to the material and removed any striking features which would draw unwanted attention.

The way we were able to match the wood columns was by instructing our lead installer to construct the new columns on-site to match the style and finish of the existing columns. This allowed us to provide a near-identical match to what was already installed. We were able to use the existing columns as a sort of template to base our fabrication and installation off of.

The Results

This project was an enjoyable challenge for us. It was unique because of the level of custom product throughout. Every area had a different feel that was made possible by different colors, materials, and finishes. Our custom shop was constantly switching gears: from finishing and fabricating solid 3” teak wood table top, custom lower bar seating area, plywood sub-decks for a copper bar countertop, fabricating upholstery benches, to fabricating and finishing wood veneer wall panels & other miscellaneous solid wood trims. The end result of this project helped showcase our true, full range of capabilities. We are pleased with the finished product that helped renovate and modernize a space that will be used for many years.