Keller Williams CDA

The Challenge

The largest obstacles we encountered were the front custom desk and solid wood banister and support beam trim. The custom desk had multiple outward angles that made the engineering and fabrication challenging. The custom desk had laminate paneling, black reveals, and quartz tops which added to the level of difficulty. The solid wood banister, support beam trim, and railings were all custom stained and cut to fit. Solid wood is known for having many variables that affect the finish of the product and how the stain or finish takes to the material. The solid wood required engineering to ensure seams were as hidden as possible, while maintaining the longest run of uncut material being used. These two custom focal points brought class and professionalism to the finished project.

Our Solution

The solution to the complex problems the custom desk provided, was a full breakdown in AutoCad of all parts and pieces, full elevations of all sides, plan views, and review with our custom fabricators. This proved invaluable in the end, as the result was fabricated exactly to the design of the architect. Regarding the solid wood trim at the banisters and railings, our finisher was able to custom stain the material using many different techniques that brought consistency across boards and tied the entire installation together.

The Results

At the end of this project, the casework, custom desk, stone tops, windowsills, and solid wood installations were brought together to provide a clean, functional, and appealing workspace for many years to come. We are especially proud of the installation of this project due to the complexity of the install and how well the end result truly showed the craftsmanship of our installation team.