Red Rock Elementary

The Challenge

The construction of this project was completed in phases. Any time a project is scheduled through phases with lapses of time in between, it makes it easy to move on to another project and when you return to fabricate the next phase, the techniques that were used previously, could be lost. One example of this is the “scalloped” base casework. Application of edgebanding along a curve is something that takes time and most times has to be applied by hand.

Our Solution

The way we addressed these two project issues is first by making specific information readily available to all team members involved. We kept a close eye on scheduling, constantly checking in with the general contractor to request current schedules, project site status, and inquire about any underlying issues that may affect our installation date. Regarding the “scalloped” casework, we invested into a hand-held edgebanding system that applies the edgebanding to curved edges. This saved a tremendous amount of time and made the work easier on our production workers.

The Results

All projects have their difficulties, and this is something we expect. Going into a project, it is hard to know exactly what we will face. This project came together for us because we were able to add another tool and technique to our company’s capabilities. We were able to learn and grow from this project, and the result surely shows our accomplishment in this new territory. We were able to provide an on-time delivery, reliable installation, and a new architectural element that stands out from the crowd.